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I am now semi-retired due to health issues. I understand there have been complaints regarding the person to whom the business was sold. If you could, please let me know who you are and the nature of your complaint or level of service. Let me know as I still care for all my customers, and I still, on a case by case basis, will do whatever I can to help you if I can and all else has failed. As many of you know, I had lung cancer, and it’s taken more than a year to recover. I thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. I will still continue to be there to help my customers if the person I sold to will not deliver to you or ignores you and you’re unable to get water from anyone.  I am still semi-active doing water treatment  for commercial and industrial businesses and starting OAM Operation and Maintenace for on-site pre-waste water treatment, such as AdvanTex® by Orenco. If you have one of those systems, please call me.

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